Brantford Energy Corporation operates as a holding company for Brantford Power Inc. and Brantford Hydro Inc. Its sole shareholder is the Corporation of the City of Brantford.


The companies that make up Brantford Energy Corporation trace their origins to November 1998 when the Energy Competition Act laid the foundation for a major restructuring of Ontario's electricity industry, including the commercialization of municipal utilities such as the Brantford Hydro Electric Commission (formerly the Public Utilities Commission).

In July 1999, the City of Brantford made the decision to retain ownership of the hydro distribution business and undertook the necessary steps to create commercial corporations to provide electricity distribution and retail services. The assets were subsequently transferred to the companies on November 1, 2000.

The decision was made to create a holding company and two operating companies, to be governed by Boards composed of Council representatives and the private sector. The Corporation of the City of Brantford is the sole shareholder of Brantford Energy Corporation.